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Earnings refer to the amount of money a given gig economy worker earned per day. For HR platforms, earnings represent what a worker earned in a month.

You can request a worker's Earnings by calling the /accounts/:account_id/earnings/search endpoint.

Earnings contain the following information:

amountAmount (fka earnings deprecated in v1.1.0)float345.45
earning_dateSpecific Daystring2020-01-20
cash_amountCash Receivedfloat123.10
count_tripsNumber of Tripsint2

Earnings History‚Äč

The following table shows the minimum history of earnings we recover for each platform:

Rappi1 month +
Uber3 months +
Uber Eats3 months +
Indriver3 weeks +
Didi3 months +
Didi Food3 months +
Beat3 months +
Cabify3 months +
Pedidos Ya2 months +
iFood1 month +
Mensajeros Urbanos2 months +
Clip3 months
Cornershop1 month +